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Tiger’s Secret Life

Even the world’s most famous golf player and Latin America’s most respected novelist have the right to possess a secret …


The first Hispanic president of the United States is probably in his infancy right now. But this future contender will …

Narco Violence and the Impotent Mexican Government

The recent killings in Ciudad Juarez, on the U.S. border, show just how incompetent Mexico’s government is in dealing with …

Chavez; You’re Out

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may be many things. But he is certainly not a good administrator. It’s incredible that Venezuela, …


The hope and euphoria that President Barack Obama brought to the country just over a year ago have transformed into …

Real America with Jorge Ramos: Venezuela's Musical Salvation

Venezuela’s Musical Salvation

A group of Venezuelan musicians now living in the U.S. are hoping to save a part of their culture by keeping alive a musical program from their beloved country.

Real America with Jorge Ramos: Rocky Mexicano

Rocky Mexicano

Andy Ruiz Jr. is the new World Heavyweight Champion and the first person of Mexican descent to ever hold the title.

Real America with Jorge Ramos: How to Love a Country

How to Love a Country

What makes us American? As the country celebrates its independence this week, the nation's first Latino presidential inaugural poet, Richard Blanco, shares his American story.

Real America with Jorge Ramos: The Gun Control President

The Gun Control President

Gun legislation was among one of the many topics tackled during last night’s Democratic presidential debate in Miami, not far from the Parkland school shooting last year.

Real America with Jorge Ramos: El Salvador's Troubled Waters

El Salvador’s Troubled Waters

Water is life. What if it was hard for you to find clean water on a daily basis? That's the reality for many in El Salvador.

Real America with Jorge Ramos: Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks

Sharks are often portrayed as dangerous killers, but the truth is shark attacks on humans are extremely rare. Meanwhile, man kills more than 100-million sharks a year.

E:60 Southmost - Football & Life On The Border

E:60 Southmost – Football & Life On The Border

Chronicles the rivalry between Lopez and Porter High Schools of Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville sits just two miles from the U.S. border and Mexico's Matamoros, a city..

Jorge Ramos: The Dreamers Will Prevail

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos feels like a stranger in his own country. He’s an American citizen who has lived in the United States for 35 years. Dubbed the Walter Cronkite of Spanish language news and voice of the Latino voter, he commands the attention of millions of viewers each night. Yet, he hasn’t had the opportunity to speak with President Trump since being thrown out of a campaign press conference in August 2015. He sits down with Soledad O’Brien to talk about the challenges of being a Latino immigrant in America today, his criticism of both Presidents Trump and Obama, and his optimism for the future of Dreamers.



Univision's Jorge Ramos discusses the alienation of Latino immigrants in the age of President Trump as well as Barack Obama's complicated legacy of deportations in "Stranger."

Jorge Ramos reveals why he feels like a “stranger” in his own country

Jorge Ramos: ‘Trump’s remarks are racist’

While Trump denies having called Haiti and some African nations "shithole countries", the controversy continues. We decided to take a look at all of his racist remarks since announcing his candidacy.

Jorge Ramos Ávalos

Journalism Excellence Award 2017 by Gabriel García Márquez Awards. Winner of 8 Emmy Awards. Presenter of Al Punto and Univision News, as well as AMERICA with Jorge Ramos in Fusión TV.

Jorge Ramos has been called “Star newscaster of Hispanic TV” and “Hispanic TV’s No. 1 correspondent and key to a huge voting bloc” by The Wall Street Journal. Time magazine put him on one of the covers for its “100 most influential people in the world” (2015 issue) and on the list of “the 25 most influential Hispanics in the United States”.

He has interviewed some of the most influential leaders in the world: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Harry Reid, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, John Edwards, Al Gore, George Bush Sr., John Kerry, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, Felipe Calderon and dozens of Latin American presidents.

A survey conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center found that Ramos is the second most recognized Latino leader in the country. Latino Leaders magazine chose him as one of “The Ten Most Admired Latinos” and “101 Top Leaders of the Latino Community in the U.S.”

The Miami Herald said, “As household names go, Jorge Ramos is huge…in Miami, Los Angeles and Houston, his newscast consistently beats out all the other networks for the top ratings”. TIME magazine included him in the list of The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012 (@jorgeramosnews)

Ramos has been the anchorman for Noticiero Univision since 1986. In addition, Ramos hosts “Al Punto”, Univision’s weekly public affairs program offering in-depth analysis of the week’s top-stories and exclusive interviews with newsmakers. Also, he is the anchor for the program “Show Me Something” for the English-language network Fusion.